A resource for small business owners who want to grow their business through strategic marketing.

for the diy marketer:

We live in a DIY world. We change our own oil, we do our own taxes, we color our own hair...why shouldn't business owners learn how to do their own marketing?

These resources are for the DIY marketer. The business owner who wants to market their own business, or train someone on their team to handle marketing. Crafted with small business owners in mind, these resources are for every skill level and every stage of business!

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Self-paced online marketing classes + courses.

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Instant access marketing eBooks + bundles.



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My newest bundle! Magnetic is a bundle of 20 of my best tools and teachings on marketing small businesses. We're covering everything from branding, to your website, to email, social media, automation and MORE! If you're ready to level up your marketing and scale your business through strategy, this is the bundle for you.

can't you just do it for me?

A big part of what I do is teach business owners how to market their own businesses, but I get that not everyone is a DIYer. If you're a business owner who needs help with marketing but doesn't want to get stuck in a contract with an agency or hire a full-time marketing coordinator, I can help!

I work one-on-one with small business owners in different capacities. From strategy sessions to website work to full-on marketing management.