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I offer a variety of digital products and resources to help you take your business's marketing to the next level! 

marketing ebooks + bundles

Instant access marketing eBooks + bundles.

small business owner's marketing planner + calendar


Planner Hard Copy + Digital.png

Crafted from the exact strategy I use when helping business owners plan their marketing, this planner was created specifically for small business owners to help them think through and execute their marketing to meet specific goals. With worksheets, tips, color codes and undated months, this planner is all you need to successfully plan your next 12 months of marketing! 


*Available as a spiral bound book and as an instant digital download. 

30 Minute marketing year + Planner Bundle


Digital Planner + 30MMY.png

My #1 class of 2020, The 30 Minute Marketing Year, teaches small business owners how to lay the foundation for an entire year of marketing in 30 minutes. The 30 Minute Marketing Year is the perfect companion for my Small Business Owner's Marketing Planner + Calendar, so this bundle has both! Get access to the digital planner AND the class!



*Available as a digital download.

Ready to outrank your competition in search engine results and in the minds of customers? One word: reviews! The Online Reviews Roadmap is a 40-page eBook with a review rundown, response rules, templates and a swipe file full of ideas + a 20 minute video about how reviews give your business a BOOST in search results!

ORR Shopping Page.png

online reviews roadmap 


Want to learn how to win back customers who have gone MIA? It is 7X more expensive to attract new customers than it is to retain existing customers. The Customer Reactivation Blueprint is an eBook that takes you through the entire process of crafting a reactivation campaign to win back customers who have gone MIA.

CRB Shopping Page.png

customer reactivation blueprint


online marketing courses + classes

Self-paced online marketing classes + courses.

30 Minute Marketing Year NB.png

Lay the framework for an entire year of marketing for your business in 30 minutes! This online class walks you through how to plan your marketing effectively and efficiently.

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